Island Info

We are in the office – Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm to answer any questions or queries that you may have. Note that any changes to a current booking must be in writing via email at escape@dirkhartogisland.com. When you arrive on the island, please come and say hi at the Homestead Bay office (about 45 minutes drive from Cape Ransonnet – barge site) for more information about the island and to grab a barista made coffee.

Petrol and diesel can be organised for you to collect from the homestead if you email your requirements 3 weeks before your arrival. Please note due to the significant transport and labour costs associated with getting fuel supplies to the island, we charge $4.40 per litre for fuel.

There are bags of ice are for sale at the Homestead Bay office, but we cannot guarantee there will be in any in supply as it is in demand. Just come and see us in the office and ask if we have any available for purchase.

There are no dump points on the island, so we do not recommend you bring a chemical toilet. When camping in the DHI National Park please follow the Leave No Trace principle: deposit solid human waste in holes dug 15-20cm deep at least 70 steps away from water, camp sites and trails.

If you are staying with us at the Homestead campsites, you will have access to shower and flushing toilet facilities as part of your booking.

For those staying in the National Parks and Homestead Camping grounds, you will need to take ALL rubbish off the island with you

Please assist us and DPaW in managing this aspect of your stay – it is vitally important that we all uphold very high standards in protecting this pristine environment for future generations.  

There is limited Telstra phone reception around the island. We recommend that you bring a SAT phone while camping in the National Park.

Currently there are no powered sites on Dirk Hartog Island, including at the Homestead Camping Grounds. 

Absolutely NO fires are allowed in the National Park including at the designated campsites.  This includes cooking on charcoal stoves. Portable gas cookers are allowed.

DPaW closely monitors the lighting of campfires on the island and there are significant penalties for doing so, not to mention the danger to life and habitat should a fire escape.  

There are small designated fire pits at the Homestead campgrounds. Please do not light fires anywhere else other than the designated locations.  There are no grill plates, so unable to be used for cooking.  

Eco Logs for the campfires can be purchased from the Homestead during your stay.  Please under no circumstances are you to collect wood from within the property or the DHI National Park for burning in the camp fires.  BYO firewood is not allowed.

There are no laundry facilities at any of the National Park campsites or the Homestead Camping Grounds.  As a courtesy to our Eco-lodge and Ocean Villa guests we extend the use of the Homestead laundry, but ask guests to provide their own powder.

Currently we are only licensed to serve guests staying with us at the lodge. This may change in the future, but at the moment campers and guests at the Ocean Villa are asked to be self-sufficient for food.

Hamelin Station Stay offer caravan or 4WD storage as a courtesy if you are a guest or charge $15 a night. Email Hamelin Station Stay at hamelinoutbackstationstay@bushheritage.org.au to arrange storage.

Steep Point & Barge

The track to the barge landing is a true 4WD experience, especially after long dry summers or periods of heavy use. You will need to have a 4WD with good clearance to navigate the track.  The Shire of Shark Bay publish a document on 4WD’ing in the region which we recommend you review. 

Click here for 4WDing tips for Shark Bay 

We would recommend that only persons with previous 4WD’ing experience make the journey into Steep Point, with the main challenge at certain times of the year being driving in soft sand, and in places heavy corrugation for short distances.

If you have any concerns about you or your vehicles ability to make it through to Steep Point, it may be worth considering completing a 4WD’ing course before you commence your adventure.

Please note – 99% of all people that attempt the journey get through with little or no concerns, but with any challenge of this nature – it is better to be prepared!

At times, the track into Steep Point can be challenging, and is occasionally closed by the Shire if it is considered unsafe or if traffic is likely to cause significant damage to the track.  (This only usually occurs after heavy rain conditions).  If you have any concerns about the current track condition, we recommend you contact the Steep Point Ranger to get up to date information, or alternatively check the below:

Useless Loop Road – click here to check Shire updates

Steep Point Road – call (08) 9948 3993

Further information regarding National Parks can be found on the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions alerts webpage: https://alerts.dbca.wa.gov.au/ 

From the turn-off at NW Coastal Highway (Overlander Roadhouse):

  • 41km sealed road, then turn left onto Useless Loop Road
  • The first 20 km on the Useless Loop Road is sealed, followed by 84 km of gravel road which is usually in good condition.
  • This is then followed 9km clay road, which can be slippery when wet so please use extreme caution in these conditions.
  • Stop at tyre deflation sign – deflate vehicle & trailer tyres to 18-20 PSI.
  • The final part of your journey will be the most challenging.  There is 21km of 4WD driving which includes small sections of heavy corrugation, and some areas which could involve soft sand with deep track divots……it all depends on when it was last graded!  This section is also only one lane wide and there are blind spots in some places. 
  • Please drive accordingly, be courteous to other track users and bring your own compressor and tyre gauge.

Some of our guests deflate tyres down to 12/14 PSI to get through the last section, especially if they are towing camper trailers.  It can be a challenging drive, but with the right tyre pressure you should get through and protect the track for other users. The rangers at Steep Point make this trip most days to cart fuel and equipment.

Travel time will depend very much on a number of factors: track conditions, your 4WD’ing ability, the number of other users, if you or other track users get a flat tyre or suffer a break down which will hold you up.  As a minimum – we would suggest you allow the following time to make the journey:

Travel time from Denham to barge transfer point by 4WD – allow 4.5 hours

Travel time from the turn off on NW Coastal Hwy to barge transfer point by 4WD- allow 3.5 hours

You may get there quicker than this if the track is in great condition and there are no hold-ups on the way – that just gives you more time to enjoy the scenery on arrival whilst you wait for the barge!

To take the stress out of making your barge booking in time, we encourage travellers to arrive at Steep Point the day before they journey across to Dirk Hartog Island.  You will need to book your Shelter Bay camp site at Steep Point (subject to availability). This way you are within metres of the barge transfer point.

Before you arrive at the barge transfer you will need to drive through Edel Land Park, which requires an entry fee of $15 per private vehicle / $8 per concession vehicle.

This can be paid by cash at the self-registration station on the way into Steep Point or if you are camping the night prior at Shelter Bay, Steep Point – the entry fee can be paid with the camping booking. If you are travelling to other National Parks then purchase a ‘Parks Pass’ from https://shop.dbca.wa.gov.au/collections/park-passes

Barge transfers start early in the morning to ensure we have everyone on and off the island before afternoon winds can sometimes make the voyage too tricky.  When you make your booking, you will be provided with an indicative departure time for your vehicle.

We may be able to do a late barge transfer by arrangement on some occasions, however this will very much depend on the availability of the barge skipper and is likely to incur an additional fee.

Barge Transfers: 5-15 years old

Eco Lodge: 3 -15 years old

Camping: 6-15 years old

Most of our guests camp at Shelter Bay beach – about 2km from the Steep Point rangers station the night before they are due to board the barge as it saves on an early morning start. Bookings are essential.

Camping fees per night;

$11 per adult

$7 per concession

$3 per child (6-15 years old)

To book Shelter Bay, Steep Point campsite, please fill out the permit form below and follow the instructions on the form for payment. Bookings are essential.

Click here to book Steep Point Camp Ground online

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